Upcoming Holiday posts

Well well. I’m surprised I had site visitors since I haven’t written anything since August 2015, but I guess the thirst for alcohol knowledge exists whether I am up-to-date or not. Cheers!

A couple of upcoming holiday posts which I plan to make:

top of box

1) My partner and I split the cost of the Phillips Snowcase Calendar. This is a magical advent calendar for adults. No more teeny little chocolates, you get a new beer to try every day! Not only that, but a lot of the beers in the pack were brewed for the advent calendar only.

20151128_200723To follow along with the beer advent mayhem, you can follow me on my Untappd account, where I will be giving my detailed day-by-day reviews. At the end of the 24 days, I will provide an overall review post here, linking to the Untappd posts and reflections of the experience. That way, you can follow along live, or you can get the summary and read further only to the beers you wanted to know more about.

2) Last year, I talked all about my favourite holiday egg nog recipe. This year, I will conduct some mulling experiments. Yes, mulled wine, but many types of mulled wine, cider, and even some white wine! I mulling-spiceswill use this article as my resource  and then compare my concoctions side by side.

In addition to including my personal opinion, I will host a small tasting party so that at least 4 people can weigh in on the comparison. I plan to use at least 3 different red wines, 1 white wine, and 1 to 2 ciders. Yes, cider did grow on me after all!


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