Double fisting a beer flight in the Phillips Brewing brewery in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (March 2014)

Once upon a time, a girl was handed an awful beer in British Columbia. It was a mass-produced beer with the intent of making many people very drunk. It tasted somewhat like bread, except that it had this bland flavour that was more reminiscent of water than an alcoholic beverage. It also has this particularly foul aftertaste – it was bitter and the bitterness itself even lacked a flavour, other than the inside of the aluminum can!

She asked herself “There has to be more to beer than this?!” and she launched into a quest to find the beer she liked the best. After many visits to local craft breweries and distilleries, online research, and trying the recommendations of friends and alcohol aficionados alike,  not only did she discover that she loved beer but that she enjoyed many other fine spirits as well. The alcohol industry has two foci with regard to their target audience: those who want to get drunk, and those who love to drink. For those who love to drink, alcohol tends to be produced in smaller batches, or has an “upscale” line with more precise brewing/distillation practices.

After many venues of local exploration, having embarked on and currently on a travelling path, and taking a course in bartending, Stephanie is well-versed in the varieties of ethanol available to accompany you while you live the dream. There is always more to learn, and she shares that with you, too!